Balinese Royal Kingdom Feast at Gabah Restaurant

(Bahasa Indonesia) Gabah Restaurant is one well known restaurants in Bali specialize in Indonesian cuisine. Recently I revisit Gabah Retaurant for Balinese Royal Kingdom Feast, it’s a royal dining experience that highlights some signature menus usually served for the royal family on the first day of harvest season.

This Risjtaffel consist of 22 appealing dishes from appetizer to dessert, with Bajigur as their welcome drink; bajigur itself is a sweet and aromatic traditional West Java hot beverages with a hint of ginger.

Before starting our dining experience, all the guests were given an udeng; a traditional Balinese batik headdress to enhance the feeling of being Balinese Kings and Queens. Kulkul; Balinese traditional music instrument, also played during our dinner along with some Balinese dances to entertain us.

When it’s time to start our main course, musical instruments were played and it really caught our attention then we saw two men carry all the dishes that’s beautifully arranged and delivered the dishes to our table. All the music and dances really brings the feast atmosphere to our dining experience.

As I mention before there’s 22 dishes served on this Balinese Royal Kingdom Feast, starts with Rujak Buah (fruit salad with spicy and sweet sauce) and Roti Canai as starter, some traditional Balinese soup, some vegetable dishes, grilled chicken, gado-gado (Indonesian vegetables salad with peanut sauce), fish satay, chicken and beef satay, grilled shrimp and many other traditional Indonesian cuisines.

Not only have I enjoyed the scrumptious dishes, also fun feast experiences and Balinese dances and traditional music that entertained me. Overall it’s been quite an amusing dining experience.


Balinese Royal Kingdom Feast: IDR 688K++/4 person

Gabah Restaurant
Ramayana Resort & Spa (book hotel)
Jl. Bakung Sari, Kuta
Ph: 62361-751864

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