Casa D’Angelo Bakery

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Casa D’Angelo Bakery Casa D’Angelo is one of many latest shops in Jl. Gunung Salak, Kerobokan, which recently just begun to transform into a bustling settlement. Unlike the Casa D’Angelo little kitchen which situated at Banjar Semer, this Casa D’Angelo at Kerobokan is a bakery, emphasis on pastry menu from cakes, breads to sandwiches. The pastries at Casa D’Angelo resemble traditional European bread in density and texture level, which is slightly differ than Japanese bread.

All the ingredients used at Casa D’Angelo are homemade and self-produced, for example the parma ham in Ham & Cheese Bread (15k) are seasoned and cured by the chef himself, mixed with melted cheese in a Rogal bread, a certain type of Polish crescent roll. The combination is perfect you can taste the smokiness from the ham and not too salty just suitable for a savory breakfast. For those who have a sweet tooth can try the Almond Butter Pastry (15k) instead. Bread with sugar glaze coating filled with tender marzipan. Usually marzipan is too sweet to handle, but at Casa D’Angelo, the almond paste made by the right amount of sugar, no more or less.

Another must-try menu, especially for cheese-lover is Ricotta Cheese Roll (12k). The Italian cheese has distinctive flavor lightly sweet and perfectly blend with delicious bread. If you just want to taste something simple, Berliner (8k) can be your choice. Donut-like buns sprinkled with refined sugar with homemade strawberry jam filling. The tasty, well-balanced sour and sweet flavor can brighten up your mood, in addition to pastries, Casa D’Angelo also serves variant of other menus such as soup, salad, cake, rice pudding and homemade jam. Definitely one-stop bakery to start your day!

Bluebarry-RicePudingCasa D’Angelo’s Bakery & Coffee
Jalan Gunung Salak Utara no. 35B
Banjar Tegal Lantang Kaja, Padang Sambian Kelod
telp 361-9003008

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